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Anxiety Group for Women
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Do you feel that your worry thoughts and anxiety take up your time and energy?

Are you experiencing tightness in your body and find it hard to breath easily?

Do you find that despite trying your best, you can't find an effective way to keep your thoughts under control?


                  manage worry and panic so you feel calm and at-ease





The Anxiety Group for Women will help you go from feeling worried and uneasy to feeling clear-headed and relaxed.

Learn effective strategies so you can take charge of your worry and panic and no longer let it rule over you.

Learn tools to take control of your mind rather than have your mind controlling you.

Learn strategies to calm your body so that you can breathe easily and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Get the support you need from others in the group, so that you don't feel alone in your struggles.


This online group gives you the convenience of participating from the comfort of your home or office.

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