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Abstract Horizon
brief interventions

​If you have a specific problem and would like to talk through and troubleshoot solutions,  but you are not  looking for on-going psychotherapy, then consultation sessions are the right choice for you. With this short term treatment model, you can participate in  two - ten  treatment sessions.  The sessions focus on resolving a specific issue, adjusting to a new situation or reaching a specific goal.  

                                    examples include: 

 specific problems:

  • Dilemma about a relationship

  • Specific parenting challenge

  • Career decision

adjusting to a significant life change:

  • Transition to college

  • Breakup of a relationship

  • Having a baby

  • Motherhood

  • Fatherhood

  • Empty nest

  • Unemployment

  • Retirement

  • New relationship

  • New marriage

  • Divorce

  • Caring for an aging parent

  • Loss of a loved one

  • Relocation

  • Job change

  • Health problem

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