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​workshops & lectures


Choose from a variety of engaging and educational research based lectures or workshops. 

My lectures include science based information that is illustrate through anecdotes and examples so that the information can be easily remembered. 


I provide practical suggestions and tips so that what you learn can be practical and relevant to you in your everyday life.


Topics include:

  • parenting skills

  • Enhancing communication skills,

  • coping skills

  • increasing discipline,

  • stress management

  • improving your marriage

  • psychological aspects of aging

  • getting along with yourself and others

  • improving emotional regulation skills



Example of Workshops

Proven Marriage Tips!!  -- Every marriage has issues.  When you get divorced and get remarried you are trading in one set of problems for a different set pf problems.  Utilizing the work of John Gottman, I discuss healthy and non- healthy methods of dealing with “Solvable” and” Unsolvable “issues that arise in marriage.


Understanding Yourself and Other’s:  Personality is complex and unique to each individual.  However, personality can be described, and understood utilizing the Myer Briggs Typology System.  Knowing your personality type and the personality types of your children, family members, friends, neighbors,  in –laws and collogues, can help reduce conflict, increase communication, enhance relationships, and prevent misunderstandings.


How to Deal with Your Adult Children and Their Spouses.  Parents spend a great deal of financial, emotional and time on their children.  Then the children grew up and make their own choice.  Often these choices (where children choose to live, who they choose to marry, religious choices, how they raise their own kids, their career choices) cause stress and disappointment to their parent.  This workshop discusses how to cope with the disappointment and hurts without sabotaging your relationship.


Language of Love—utilizing a typology system, this workshop explores the five love languages and what they mean to you and your relationships.


Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships – Fighting, Arguing and disagreeing is normal part of relationships- abuse is not.  This workshop discusses the prevalence, warning signs, preventive measures and interventions in un-healthy relationships.


Accomplishing Your Goals; there is a lot of research on increasing willpower and discipline to meet your goals.  This workshop discusses theory and methods to do so.


Money Matters:  Peoples Beliefs and Priorities differ greatly on how, when and where to spend or not spend money.. Utilizing a typology system will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses pf your preference and those of your loved ones—especially a spouse!!


Stress Busters—We all know the effect stress can have on us—anxiety, sleepless nights, irritability health issues.  This workshop explores the effect of stress on people. Good stress vs bad stress and practical ways of reducing stress and increasing life’s pleasures.

 Styles of Marriage-   Based on the work of Judith Wallenstein the task and goals all healthy marriages must achieve and strengths and weakness of four types of marriages

If you are looking to take the quality of your life to the next level. 


If you would like to learn and create better habits of living, and well-being, then engaging in a single workshop or lecture series might be right for you.

Training sessions include a number of topics such as:


learning how to have better health habits regarding sleep hygiene, nutrition and fitness

Learning how to develop a mindfulness practice

strategies for managing stress in the workplace

improving communication skills

learn how to get things done

learn how to instill good habits

learn anger management skills

social skills development

building self-esteem

Parenting topics

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