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parenting group for moms of 2-12 year olds

go from frustrated and overwhelmed to competent and calm in 8 weeks


Do you often feel consumed in endless battles to get your kids under control? Despite your best discipline efforts, nothing seems to work?   


Do you often feel exhausted and burnt out and wish you had more time for yourself and to have fun with your kids?


parenting is one of the hardest jobs! 

Parenting Group for Moms will help you....

  • Learn techniques to easily get your children to stop  behaviors such as tantrums, talking-back, and sibling rivalry so that you can manage their outbursts with more authority and control.

  • Establish for your children good routines and habits such as doing hw with ease, getting up on their own in the morning, picking up after themselves, sitting down for suppertime, and doing their chores.

  • Strengthen your relationship with your kids so that you have more quality time with them.

spend Less time disciplining and more time enjoying your family life

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