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Are you ready to overcome anxiety so you can thrive?

Jump on the Journey to Anxiety Relief

Enroll in a  comprehensive course to manage anxiety 

 Join the 8 week small group course to overcome anxiety, manage worry thoughts, keep your body calm and engage confidently in things you tend to avoid. 

Is this you?

You struggle to quiet your worries, even though you know some of them are irrational?

You're anxiety affects either your social life, work life or both and prevents you from doing things you enjoy

Physically, you often feel some of the following: 

  • Tightness in your chest

  • difficulty breathing

  • episodes of feeling hot and sweaty

  • dizziness 

  • panic or wrestlessness

You feel trapped by your own thoughts and wish you could live a more carefree and productive life





Aliza Schulman, LCSW

"I've known Dr. Aliza Septimus for many years and I can honestly say that she is incredible at treating anxiety. I've referred several people to her for help with anxiety, and they've all raved about her work. Plus, I've had the pleasure of hearing her speak at professional conferences, and she truly knows her stuff!"

Miriam Eisdorfer, Psy.D.

"Through supervision, Dr. Septimus helped me transform my patients' lives.  She helped me customize methods of treatments for all different kinds of anxiety.  Dr. Septimus has a wealth of expertise and is very knowledgable about tools to help break anxiety down.  I could not recommend her more."

Michael Winograd, Psy.D.

"I am a part of a peer-led consultation group with my colleague, Dr. Aliza Septimus. In this role, I have had the opportunity to witness the profound impact of Dr. Septimus's work in assisting individuals in effectively managing their anxiety. With over a decade of experience in the field, her wealth of knowledge and expertise is truly remarkable. Her unique insights and innovative approaches enable her to tailor her interventions to the specific needs of each client, ensuring a comprehensive and personalized approach to anxiety management. Dr. Septimus consistently goes above and beyond, utilizing a diverse set of strategies to empower her clients and make a meaningful difference in their lives"

The main way things will get better

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to live better with anxiety.


You will learn to avoid overthinking things.


You will develop many coping strategies to manage your anxiety in different situations.


You will be able  to use relaxation strategies to keep your body calm and relaxed.


You will finally confront the things you have been avoiding even if you feel uncomfortable.

Your thoughts will no longer have a huge hold over you.


You’ll be able to be more present in your everyday life because you will no longer have worry thoughts constantly distracting you. 

More ways things will get better!!

You will feel a sense of freedom, increased self-confidence, and improved well-being.


You will try  new things, take on new challenges  and feel more courageous.


Hey there, I'm Dr. Aliza Septimus!

For nearly twenty years, I've been helping people just like you conquer their anxiety and achieve amazing results. I take pride in being understanding, compassionate, and dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. I've also faced my own battles with negative thoughts, so I can truly relate to what you're going through. Let's work together to overcome those intrusive thoughts and help you thrive!

Here's what you get



Identify your goals around anxiety and hone in on your unique strengths that will help you be successful in the course



Learn how to get your body to be calm and relaxed with relaxation tools that really work.



Begin to confront 1-3 things that you have avoided but  with more confidence and less anxiety



Learn all you need to know about anxiety, why you get anxious, and how your anxiety can be helpful to you, 



Learn how to let go of ruminating and dwelling so your mind can be more free.



Utilize and practice skills taught in prior modules and receive support for tricky spots



Learn how to change your worry thoughts into calm thoughts and to reduce the amount of time you worry,



 Create a strategy for how you will engage with people, places, or things that you have been avoiding for so long. 



Course Wrap-up, review and consolidation of skills and tools learned so that you feel competent and confident

Course Schedule:

Week 1

Learning call: Monday October 28th 1 -2 pm ET

Q & A hot seat: Thursday October 31st 1-2 pm ET


Week 2

Learning Call: Monday November 4th 1-2 pm ET

 Q& A hot seat: Thursday 7th 1-2 pm ET


Week 3

Learning Call: Monday November 11th 1-2 pm ET

Q & A hot seat: Thursday November 14th 1-2 pm ET


Week 4

Learning call: Monday November 18th 1 -2 pm ET

Q & A hot seat: Thursday November 21st 1-2 pm ET


Week 5

Learning call: Monday November 25th 1 -2 pm ET

Q & A hot seat: Wednesday November 27th  1-2 pm ET


Week 6

Learning Call: Monday December 1st 1-2 pm ET

 Q& A hot seat: Thursday December 5th  1-2 pm ET


Week 7

Learning Call: Monday December 9th 1-2 pm ET

Q & A hot seat: Thursday December 12th 1-2 pm ET


Week 8

Learning  Call Monday December 16th 1-2 pm ET

Wrap Up and Q & A Thursday December 19th 1-2 pm

Deadline to register is October 15th

✅  This is for you if….


  • You are finally ready to take active steps to work on your anxiety now.

  • You are willing to take risks and try new strategies.

  • You are looking to work as part of a group and hear what other course participants are struggling with and how they are working on their anxiety.

  • You want a time-sensitive program because you work better with deadlines and accountability checks

  • You prefer the accountability and check-ins because its hard to stick to a program on your own.

❌  This is not for you if…


  • You want help with your anxiety but you don’t have time right now to prioritize the work involved. 

  • You’re unable to make the financial commitment at this time.

  • You are looking for therapy.  This is not therapy it is a course, that will give you lost of tools and support but considering a coaching course.

  • You are wanting one-to-one coaching.  You will get plenty of support and time to ask questions and get help when you get stuck but all learning and support takes place in a group setting.


What if I prefer my privacy and want to maintain my anonymity?

While all of the live classes are taught in a group, you have the opportunity to keep your video and microphone off and keep your name private.  You can even avoid the live classes and receive the recordings instead.

What if I can't make it to a live class?

Not a problem, you will receive the recording and you can stay on track.

What kind of time commitment do I need to make each week to complete the course work?

In addition to participating in the live classes, you should carve out between 1 -3 hours per week to integrate and practice the skills that you are learning.

What makes this program any different from other courses I can take?

Well, there are numerous workbooks and classes you can take but what I offer is my 20 years experience working with countless clients.  I also distill lots of material into manageable and digestible information that is easy to apply in your daily life.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

When you invest in the course, you will get all that you need for your transformation, but ultimately the hard work is up to you.  While there are no refunds, there is a lot of support and guidance to help you make the most out of the course.

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