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feel and be your best!

Want to feel better about yourself and your relationships?


Does it seem like your anxiety, stress, or problems are wreaking havoc on your life?


Despite your best efforts, do you still feel stuck?


Ready to work on what's standing in your way?



Therapy provides you the opportunity to gain better insight and understanding about what is standing in your way and what tools you need to feel better and thrive.  Whether it's a specific problem that you are working to resolve, or an ongoing issue that has deep roots from your past and family history, therapy can provide you with the chance to navigate through your difficulties, get relief from your suffering, and learn strategies and skills to help you make positive change.

Personalized Psychotherapy

​Because people have specific needs, goals, and expectations from therapy, it is important to have an individualized therapy plan that is ideal for what you want to accomplish in therapy.


How Can We Help?

We offer a variety of services ranging from brief and targeted interventions to more in-depth therapy to help you heal and recover from more entrenched problems.




We take a genuine interest in each person we work with.  We aim to cultivate a warm and trusting relationship and use science-based proven therapeutic techniques.  We will tailor a specific treatment to meet your needs. You will learn skills to manage your problems and cope with the stressors in your life.

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Explore and understand the root cause of your problems and generate a treatment plan focused on learning techniques and strategies to treat your problems and/or find better ways to cope with the challenges you face.

Consultation  & Brief Intervention

We help you troubleshoot and  manage a specific problem and  generate solutions and a plan of action.

Workshops & Lectures

We offer a variety of workshops and lectures focusing on emotional well-being, and personal growth 

We offer mindfulness and meditation sessions where you learn and practice skills to relax the body, focus the mind and heighten your experience of everyday phenomena.

Training in Mindfulness & Well-being 
Supervision for new practitioners

We provide supervision for for new practitioners needing supervised licensed hours or wanting more support with their early careers.

Getting Help

call to schedule your phone consultation appointment

disruption-free atmosphere

in-person face to face contact

private, therapeutic environment 

clear of everyday disractions

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 Our office is located in South Florida:

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Hollywood, FL 33021

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